According to experts art is necessary and important for the development of children

Through art, children explore the world around them, making the process not only educational, but also fun. Art helps form a wide range of skills that are useful both for life and for learning. This Hero Mom Kid Mart article focuses on the main benefits of arts for the child’s development.

Motor skills

Drawing and modeling perfectly develop fine motor skills in children from early childhood. This development helps children in tasks that require controlled movement, such as writing.

Cognitive skills

Visual arts help practice causality. For example, the kid learns that if we add yellow to blue, we get green. Art helps to stimulate the process of thinking, to be more spontaneous, and to find non-standard ways of solving problems. The kid can talk about the plot of some book or painting, sharing feelings and emotions that they evoke, interpreting, criticizing and drawing conclusions.

Math skills

Art helps develop such concepts as size, shape, space, comparison, and counting.

Visual skills

Nowadays children are beginning to perceive visual information better, since even a baby who cannot speak can already easily manage applications on a smartphone, guided by the characters on the screen. The development of visual skills also helps to see the beauty of the world around us and the diversity of nature.

Cultural awareness

Any kind of art is a reflection of the reality that surrounds us. Understanding and interpreting different forms of art helps children broaden their horizons and explore the world from different perspectives.

Improvement in academic performance

There is a connection between art and other achievements. Children who show interest in the arts are usually more successful in academic achievement than children who are not interested in the arts.

Summing up, we can confidently say that art is a very important and indispensable source of development for children, and the task of parents is to support and strengthen the love of creativity and self-expression in young creators.

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