Types of education for children

There are many types of education for children, and they are taught in different formats to kids of many ages.

Since all children are different, there is not a one-size-fits-all type of education for them. Our kids have unique needs and may excel in different types of environments. Choosing an education program is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.

First of all, you have to ask yourself, what you want your kid to achieve and what are their strong suits.

Here are different types of education that might be a fit for your kid:


The Montessori type of education was founded by Italian educator/pediatrician/psychiatrist Maria Montessori in 1907. In this method children learn at their own pace and teachers are their guides. It involves sensory learning activities, collaborative play, and self-directed activity. This type of education fosters personal responsibility, encouraging kids to take care of their own needs and belongings. As an example, clean up their toys. Another factor of Montessori learning is multiage classrooms, where kids are encouraged to help each other learn.

Anthroposophical education or Waldorf

Waldorf education is based on the ideas of Austrian philosopher and artist Rudolf Steiner. This type of education integrates the arts in all academic subjects, from pre-K programs through high school. The Waldorf philosophy focuses on a child’s soul and body. Teachers aim to foster an inner drive for learning and uncover a child’s abilities and unique capacities. This type of education inspires life-long learning in all students.

Home education

Home education is an alternative to either public or private school education. Home education has different benefits. The main advantages are control of curriculum, flexibility in schedule, physical and emotional safety, educational efficiency, religious freedom, and control over diet. Home education is considered a good way of learning for children with disabilities and health problems.

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