5 reasons why it is important to read books to children

What child does not want to fall asleep listening to an interesting story told by mom or dad? Unfortunately many parents are too busy to find time for reading before bed and allow their children to spend their free time in front of the TV or computer. However, parents should not skip reading for kids. Here are five reasons why you should regularly read books to your children.

Strengthening of relations. In today’s world, where parents build a career and lead an active social life, and children use devices from an early age, it is difficult to maintain closeness. Make it a habit to read a book to your child every night before bed. This is a great way to strengthen the bond with your baby. You will be able to share your impressions and opinions about the plot, which means you will learn more about the worldview of your child.

Development of language skills and expansion of vocabulary. Kids get acquainted with new words, various types of construction of sentences and dialogues, styles and ways of presenting information. All this has a positive effect on the further ability to competently express one’s opinion, and also affects the development of speech and the richness of vocabulary.

Brain and imagination training. While listening to children’s literature, a visual picture is created in the baby’s head. It represents the appearance of the characters, locations, actions. Imagination and fantasy are working at full capacity. Kids visualize the plot, and then begin to fantasize and invent their own stories with their favorite characters.

Encouragement of knowledge. Choose different topics to arouse interest in the world around you. Have a new children’s book waiting for your child every week. A good choice for schoolchildren is encyclopedias. They will tell your kid about the animal and plant world, planets, and the history of mankind.

Effective soothing treatment. If the little fidget is naughty and cannot calm down before going to bed, read them a children’s book, for example, Dream Sweet Dreams. Reading interestingly and with intonation, you will quickly calm the baby.

Don’t ignore a chance to read to your child before bed, and you will enjoy emotional connection with your kid and other significant advantages.

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