How to tell a child that the pet got lost

When a pet escapes, this experience is traumatizing both for parents and kids. That is why as a parent should make every effort to find your cat or dog. But what if you cannot find it before your child discovers the loss? In this blog, we have collected some useful tips concerning how to behave if your pet got lost and you need to explain it to your child.

First, show your kid that you care about it and you will do whatever it takes to find your furry friend. Let your children see you making calls to shelters and putting up flyers. You can also ask your child to search for the pet in the neighborhood.

Remember to keep calm. This is hard because you may start to be nervous and worried. Children pick up on that, so do your best to keep your head cool.

Try to tell the truth from the very beginning. Children are smart and they simply will not believe your lies. Each step of the searching process needs to be true and transparent for the kid, even if it means telling him or her that you are afraid you will never find the pet.

Never ignore your child’s feelings or ideas. Children can be full of ideas how to make the pet get back home. They will not necessarily work, but your kid will still feel involved in the process.

If you never end up finding your pet, your kid may be traumatized by the experience, maybe even blaming themselves for the loss. Your child may develop a wide range of emotions including anger and guilt. Time is the only thing that will really heal your kid’s wounds, but in a while, you can suggest your kid to have another pet if he or she is ready for this step.

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