Help your baby say goodbye to diapers — here’s how

Parenting is an endlessly rewarding and ever-changing experience, don’t you think? However’ it’s full of challenges as well, of course. One of these challenging stages in a child’s development is their transition from diapers to potty-training and eventual use of toilets — like adults do. We at Hero Mom Kid Mart have some tips on how to potty train your baby properly and help them reach a new developmental stage.

While the parent might be eager to wean their kid off of diapers (after all, it saves both time and money — no more buying diapers and fussing around with them), this process can be difficult for the child. It usually takes place when kids are about two years old, and we all know how things can be with toddlers! So, what can you do?

First things first — try to turn it into a game. Instead of forcing your baby to go on the potty and forbidding using diapers, turn to positive reinforcement and gamification. The first time your toddler uses a potty successfully, definitely reward that with some tasty treat or a new toy. Come up with some potty-related game, and you’ll be amazed how easy and actually enjoyable this process can be.

Special toddler underwear is another nifty trick up every parent’s sleeve in helping babies move from diapers to potties. Buy some comfortable, fun-looking and cute undies for your child so that they learn how to take them off and put them on, which is essential to successful potty-training. Also, give some of these supplies to the staff at your baby’s daycare center or kindergarten, for instance, so that they can gradually help the child transition from diapers not only at home.

And finally, don’t get discouraged and don’t reprimand your toddler when they make mistakes and fail to go to the toilet on their own at first. Encourage the kid, and they’ll love it!

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